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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 21, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, america. the deadly firefight. new details on that ambush in niger. what our soldiers stumbled into and why they knew something was wrong. president trump staying mum on the mission. >> mr. president, did you authorize the mission in niger? >> as senate leaders look for answers about our troops in the region. >> felt that we're not getting a sufficient amount of information. >> meanwhile, the white house standing its ground over the controversy about the call to one of the fallen soldier's families. connected by a killer. three people shot and killed. police saying one person is responsible. >> she was targetedy
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>> and the urgent search this morning for the person in this surveillance video. bombshell allegations. more women coming forward. the new claims against fallen hollywood titan harvey weinstein adding their voices to the growing allegations of sexual harassment and even assault. and why one new case this morning to lead to karim charges against one of the most powerful men in hollywood history. and superstar's secret battle. ed sheeran opening up. the personal fight he has faced for a year. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> the singer revealing the problem he's kept hidden and the reason he's been out of the public spotlight. hey, good morning, everybody. as questions and controversy swirl around the deaths of those four american soldiers in the african country of niger there will be a fun
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25-year-old sergeant la david johnson. >> overnight in south florida hundreds of people including friends, family and just complete strangers, they all showed up for a public viewing. sergeant johnson leaves behind two children and a pregnant wife. >> incredibly sad. meanwhile, this morning we're learning more about the ambush in which sergeant johnson and his three fellow soldiers were killed back on october 4th in a country many americans didn't know we had military forces. >> there have been conflicts reports as to what happened there and general mattis went to capitol hill to brief senator john mccain demanding more information and comes amidst a fresh war of words from the white house and a congresswoman who listened in on the phone call between the president and sergeant johnson's wife. >> reporter: good morning. we are learning a lot more about that deadly ambush. it took place 17 days ago, some democrats are already calling it
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still ray lot we don't know. >> mr. president did you authorize the mission in niger? >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: president trump has been uncharacteristically tight-lipped about the tragic mission that cost the lives of four american soldiers, three of them green berets. lawmakers on capitol hill want answers. senator john mccain threatened to use subpoenas to get them. on friday defense secretary james mattis showed up in person to brief mccain. >> i felt we're not getting sufficient amount of information and we are clearing a lot of that up now. >> reporter: here's what we know about the attack. it took place october 4th near the village of tongo tongo. they met with a village elder and during that meeting, the soldiers had an inkling of danger. the hair on the back of their neck stood u
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motorcycles raced out of the village. the intelligence official tells us the troops felt like the elder was trying to stall them. sure enough, armed fighters soon hit them with everything from the woods on both sides of the road. small arms, vehicle-mounted weapons, even mortars. the u.s. team wasn't expecting combat. their vehicles unarmored. they had no u.s. air support and french air carat didn't get there until a half hour into the firefight. to date the president has not said a thing about the mission itself. instead, the conversation this week unraveled over how best to honor fallen troops and console their families with white house chief of staff general john kelly ultimately stepping in to smack down a florida congresswoman who listened to the president's call to a gri e grieving widow. kelly is a gold star father himself. on friday the white house press secretary went
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suggest that kelly should have the last word on the matter. >> if you want to get into a debate with a four-star marine general i think that that's something highly inappropriate. >> reporter: the president called him an elegant man adding that he's doing a fantastic job. >> he was so offended that a woman would be -- that somebody would be listening to that call. he was -- he actually couldn't believe it. >> reporter: bottom line, we till do not have a complete picture about what happened in niger. the pentagon is conducting an investigation with the fbi's help and the senate armed services under john mccain is likely to hold hearings, dan and paula. >> a whole lot of questions and something else, david, steve bannon was speaking overnight at the california gop convention. he had some pretty strong words aimed at former president george w. bush. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. bannon was appearing at the california gop convention and to
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took a veiled swipe at him in a speech that he gave in houston on thursday. here's what bannon said. >> president bush to me embarrassed himself. his speech writer wrote a highfalutin speech. it's clear he didn't understand anything he was talking about. just like it was when he was president of the united states. [ applause ] i want to apologize up front to any of the bush folks outside in this audience, okay. because there's not been a more destructive presidency than george bush's. >> reporter: not shy about speaking his mind, steve bannon. he has been making the rounds ahead of the midterm elections and calls himself trump's outside wing man. dan and paula. >> david, thank you very much. let's bring in abc news political contributor kristen soltis anderson. ksa, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with bannon's comments overnight. do you think he's counterpunching with some sort of tacit approval from inside
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himself and does the speech from former president bush in which he made some veiled jabs at president trump, does that present a serious political member for the white house? >> i don't think president george w. bush presents a problem for the white house insofar as the republican party is trump's party. the world worview about what bu and trump think we should be doing are different. george works bush's policy is not the same as trump's kind of merge first mantra so it's not a surprise that these two men have very different world views. but what is different is that you've got a crowd of republicanscheering someone insulting a former -- the most recent former republican president and the room is applauding. it's almost as if steve bannon could have been saying the same things about obama. you would expect that red meat would get that reaction. here he's talking about someone within the part
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astonishing. >> the political discourse and in-fighting is astonishing. the sparring between trump, his chief of staff john kelly and congresswoman wilson, so kelly asserted this week that congresswoman wilson bragged about securing money for a florida fbi building during an 2015 speech but video surfaced of that speech and she did no such thing, now, the white house wants this entire story line to go away including the phone call to the family of fallen soldier la david johnson. but how will that happen? >> it may be the case the white house wants the story to go away. i'm not convinced the president does. think about where we were a little over a year ago, you had a gold star family criticizing donald trump on a partisan stage and donald trump seemed to relish that fight. even as everyone around him told him don't go after a gold star family. this isn't going to be a good look. he
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a partisan adversary, a congresswoman from the other party, let's go after her with all we've got. the white house may want it to go away, focus back on tax reform but i'm not convinced the president himself does. >> interesting insight as always, kristen soltis anderson, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we do want to share a programming note when an exclusive abc news interview. senator john mccain will pay a visit to "the view" monday at 11:00 eastern on abc. >> as most people know his daughter is now co-hosting the "view" and it is her birthday monday. in tampa a terrifying story. three fatally shot and police believe there's a single gunman to plame. >> three separate locations but all in the same neighborhood and police are hoping this surveillance video can stop a killer. abc's maggie rulli is on the story for us this morning. maggie, good morning to you. >> reporter: police are desperate for clues and right now say they have no
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obvious motive and no idea who could be next. this morning, the urgent search for a killer who police sigh is terrorizing a florida neighborhood. three people gunned down within the last two weeks. >> please speak up because you don't know if it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: the parents of the latest victim sobbing overcome with grief authorities struggling to make sense of these heinous crimes. >> you look at the time frame, the proximity that there is no apparent motive, that they are alone, our victims are alone at the time. it's clear to me they're all linked. >> reporter: 20-year-old nab 0 oa had autism returning home from work when he found himself on the wrong bus in the wrong neighborhood. >> he was like don't worry, i'll be home quick. he said okay. i promise. i didn't hear from him after that. >> reporter: the third murder
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naiboa was killed and then benjamin mitchell was killed aren't 9:00 p.m. the second came less than a week later, 32-year-old monica hofffachlt, found hi tampa police on october 13th killed two days earlier. >> she was completely innocent and was targeted by this animal out there. >> reporter: police releasing this surveillance video showing the possible witness walking near where the first shooting happened. police do not want rest accid t accidents to feel like they're being held hostage by whoever is doing it and urging people to turn on their porch lights and to get outside? easier said than done. it's got to be terrifying. thank you. we want to move to the scandal growing over harvey weinstein. >> abc's eva pilgrim has the story. >> reporter: good morning. those accusatns
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decades, some so long ago they're outside the window of time to bring charges. but now police in l.a. are investigating a new possible case within the statute of limitations. rape accusations that could lead to karim charges here in the u.s. for harvey weinstein. this morning two more women have come forward accusing media mogul harvey weinstein of sexual assault. >> her greatest regret is opening that door. but she had no idea what was coming. >> reporter: an unnamed italian actress now speaking out through her attorney saying that in february 2013, four years ago, weinstein bullied his way into her hot room where he sexually assaulted her. the 38-year-old said to have shared her story with lapd detectives this week projting a karim investigation. >> the state of california before 2017 had a ten-year stuts of limitation. her claim falls within that
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ten-year period. >> reporter: it was an exclusive ago moment for heather kerr speaking out saying weinstein forced her to touch him in an office in 1989 and that she would have to sleep with him if she wanted to land roles. >> he told me that this was how things worked in hollywood and that all of the actresses that had made it had made it this way. not long after that i quit acting. >> reporter: that may be the way it was. it is not the way it will be in the future. because harvey, you and others like you are done. >> reporter: this coming after weinstein's statement denying any allegations of nonconsensual sex. the two women joining the dozens of others who have already come forward, the list including some of hollywood's biggest stars. weinstein, once a powerful producer wasic
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academy, fired from the company he helped build and aside from l.a. police in london are developing a claim by a woman who accused him of sexual inappropriate behavior. we are hearing of other women still planning to come forward. the big question, will he face any karim consequences for this behavior? in l.a. you have ten years to press charges for a rape. there is no time limit for rape in new york or in london. >> interesting. >> that will be interesting how it plays out. >> eva, thank you very much. a lot of other news and for that as always we kick it over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> dr. dan, good morning to you and dr. paula. >> i have a doctorate now. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news from germany where four people were injured in a knife attack in munich overnight. law enforcement saying they detained someone in connection after the suspect first fled on a bicycle also adding they do not have a motive at this time. none of the injuries said to
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life-threatening. in washington president trump signing an executive order allowing the military to re-call as many as a thousand pilots to active duty after financial incentives and bonus programs failed to bring in new recruits under john mccain called it a full-blown crisis. it's been at the forefront of the war on isis. new devastation left behind in raqqah. finally free but battered after months and months of air strikes. u.s.-backed syrian forces declaring victory on friday after taking raqqah which had been occupied and held as its de facto capital. in los angeles the judge tossed out a $417 million square award to a woman who says she developed ovarian cancer from using johnson & johnson products that contained talcum po
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errors and saying there was no evidence johnson & johnson acted with malice in making the award the jury had composed excessive. in parra puerto rico two strategy fearic are delivering services there. google's parent company alphabet launching project loon making it possible for some at&t customers to access affect and e-mail with limited access to the went. the company has been cleared to send as many as 30 mroops to that devastated island. finally we may have uncovered the secret that led the houston astros to beat the new york yankees in game since of the alcs friday night forcing a do or die game seven tomorrow night. orange and blue rosaries.
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street from minute maid park said it cannot keep up with the demand. they called it an act of divine providence. i want to devote what jimmy brown said. god hat a lot more to do than influence the outcome of sporting events ♪ you got to break just to make it today that's why we pray, pray ♪ >> i did not see that coming. >> that's a throwback. >> how are you feeling. i know you and rob were -- >> i feel confident. we'll win -- the yankees will win on our behalf. >> you were up late last night. you'll be up general. >> may the best people win? >> the yankees. >> are the red sox still in it. >>
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>> after that we completely buried the lede. we all know god is a yankee fan. >> he is not a yankee fan. >> my heart is in houston as well, houston strong but tonight go, yanks. the weather will be great there and maybe they'll open the roof and let the fresh air in but we have severe weather and this disturbance diving down across parts of the rockies into the plains. spring-like pattern and get our second severe weather season and big hail, big winds expected from des moines to oklahoma city and late today through tonight and as that trough dies down we have red flag warnings. on top of that excessive heat warnings so the next couple of days will be critical. temperatures are rise into the 90s. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour.
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>> vote jacket may be needed this morning as temperatures start out in the low 40's to low 50's. this afternoon, you will not need the jacket. temperatures are well above average. plenty of rain -- plenty of sunshine to head out the -- head outdoors. overnight, mainly clear skies continue. temperatures bet -- drop back into the 40' east of the mississippi spectacular fall weather. we'll talk about foliage a little bit, right? get out and take a look. >> are you confident about game seven? >> the answer is the yankees will win. what else -- could we be more direct than that? >> wow! >> simple -- >> don't mess with ron's yankees. >> let's keep it on the sports
7:20 am
tip neither my red sox or the oakland a's will held to the world series this month. >> the team stepped up about after learning a young fan lost all his memorabilia. another mc hammer reference? >> i'll time-out on that. >> no too legit to quit -- ♪ too legit >> wait. this fan part of the smith family from santa rosa lost everything. one thing dear to them the backyard where loren would pretend to be an oakland a's player and lost his collection but the pros pitching in. 9-year-old loren hen his family lost everything. today they're getting something back. >> this is my game one jersey. >> reporter: loren's handwritten letter describing how sad he was to le
7:21 am
making its way to the oakland athletics. >> giving him the jersey off his bark. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome report the a's generosity spurring on the baseball community to give bick. >> i think it was a rickey henderson rit here. >> i remember i had one. >> you had one like that? >> reporter: the a's gave him a mountain of member beal ya donated by favens an teams across the country. did you ever think this would happen? >> no, i never thought at first. i knew -- i thought the a's would never get it. >> reporter: he is sharing his loot with his little league friends who also lost things in the fire. >> i'm trying to get it back for him. >> they lost their home but still have hope after the a's hit it out of the park. and loren has r
7:22 am
will throw out the first pitch at a game as well. >> love the baseball community stepping up. >> a regular star. >> there are some things way more important. >> the yankees didn't send him anything. >> may recruit him. >> i like the jab at the yankees. ed sheeran going public with his private struggles with substance abuse. a major loop getting you across the east coast in less than a half hour. "good morning america" brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. torcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. - another big temperature drop next week today: mostly sunny. cool start; warm afternoon. highs: 74-77 winds: nw 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 43-53 winds: nw 5 to calm saturday: mostly sunny. warm. highs: 76-78 winds: se 5-10 mph
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into the 40's and 50's. the meteor shower, going to be peaking tonight. the farther away the -- away from the city you are, the better the view. here is the marine corps marathon forecast. racers start to finish up, temperatures in the low 70's. drive skies look to continue through monday, but rain arrives on tuesday. it could come down heavy at times, so raingear will be needed. be prepared for travel delays. as we head further to the
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giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now that deadly firefight, questions and controversy swirling around the deaths of four american soldiers in the african country of niger. lawmakers demanding answers from the white house as new details come out about that deadly mission and a fresh round of sniping between the white house and the congresswoman from florida who listened in on the phone call between president trump and the family of one of the fallen soldiers. also right now, a halloween warning. doctors sounding the alarm on using decorative contact lenses. the american academy of ophthalmology say the lenses could lead to eye users, abrasions and even
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stargazers, we want you to keep your eyes in the sky this weekend. rob, help me with the pronouncer. >> orionoid. >> the meteors. >> see. it is hitting its peak this weekend. the shooting stars are fragments from as rob just mentioned haley's comet. astronomers say the best viewing between midnight and dawn and you'll be able to see it anywhere you are on planet earth if you're watching from planet earth and you might see up to 10 to 15. >> if you're not, you won't. >> 10 to 15 an hour. not watching from planet earth and you're viewing us right now, congratulations. >> and we come in peace. >> we want to say hang you for joining us. a new study for you parents out there about smart watches.
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his substance abuse. >> he talked about his recent battle and how he's taken control of his life and marci gonzalez has more. good morning. >> reporter: hi, paula and dan. the famous musician who also recently postponed some tour dates after a bike accident revealing that personal struggle on a british talk show sharing what led up to it and how he got back on track. ♪ >> reporter: ed sheeran is known for pouring his heart out into his chart-topping singles. ♪ i'm love with the shape of you ♪ but but now "the shape of you" crooner is opening up about his battle with substance abuse on an episode of "the jonathan ross show" that airs tonight. fame took a toll on his life. i didn't adjust, he says on the program according to people because i was constantly working on tour and all the pitfalls that people read about, i just found myself slipping into all of them mostly like substance abuse. ♪ay
7:33 am
where we are ♪ >> he's sending a message to other people who might be struggling with their own substance use that you don't have to hide from this and you can recover. >> reporter: the 26-year-old brit says he didn't notice he had a problem until people around him brought it to his attention. it just started gradually happening. it all starts off as a party and then you're doing it on your own and it's not so that was a wake-up call saying the substance abuse factored into his year-long hiatus from social media and explaining to his fans i find myself seeing myself through a screen and not my eyes. >> it's a wonderful thing he took that time away. he knew what he needed. >> reporter: sheerine shares he focused on his music during his recovery and worked my whole life to where i am. you can't lose that over something you do in your spare time. and he credits his girlfriend cherry seaborn with helping him. he balances him out and
7:34 am
together has grounded him. dan and paula faris. >> she's from "game of thrones," right? >> makes a lot of sense. >> isn't she? i think so. marci, thank you very much for that report this morning. >> thank you. back to rob marciano. >> his name is rob. >> our resident red sox fan over -- what. >> oh, man. >> oh, wow. >> not cool, man. not cool. >> a little flustered after that. thanks. it always come backs to the red sox. he doesn't even watch baseball and hasn't actually touched one. >> super bowl -- sugar bush, vermont. >> it's okay, rob. >> close to boston but not really. this is what it looks like, peak foliage right now, a beautiful fall weekend if you're getting out to take a look, enjoy. soon leaves will be down and di lifts will be working inover drive as the snow falls. super typhoon lan, 150 miles, getting close to the big island of japan and maybe
7:35 am
all the way to the pacific northwest. this atmospheric river continues to line up storms and some can be ole typhoons that come in as wind storms to the northwest. this one not too bad but wind across the coastline. big waves and maybe landslides where they had that eagle creek fire with 4 to 7 inches and we mentioned that severe weather threat as that dies into the plain, we could see rain and some cases beneficial getting into the ohio river valley and that is >> off to the -- off a cool start this morning, so a light jacket may be needed. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures >> this weather report is brought to you by nature's bounty. we're all about nature here and
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>> world peace. >> i feel like there's not going to be peace when we hit a commercial break. >> do you want to issue a clarification. >> yes, okay, so ed sheeran's girlfriend is not in "game of thrones." >> yeah, sorry, that was my bad. not great with pop culture. >> ed sheeran, however, was in "game of thrones." >> he's not a red sox fan. he is a yankees fan. >> that is a bigger correction. i get a distinct mischievous thrill throwing you for a loop. >> boston strong. >> all right. we're now getting into weird space. coming up on "gma" speaking of loops, the hyper loop and the project that promises you getting from dc to new york in a half hour. >> neiman-marcus revealed its holiday wish list. wait till you see the price tag coming up in pop. e nature's bouy hair, skin and nails challenge
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imagine getting from new york city to d.c. in 29 minute, that's the promise, the promise of elon musk's hyper loop 1. >> and the project now appears to be
7:41 am
get it? >> i got it. >> really fast. >> that would require you being faster than the speed of sound. >> wow! >> pneumatic tube. fantasy. he is taking the steps towards building that transit system starting in maryland. this morning, tech billionaire elon musk may be one step closer to revolutionizing the way we travel. >> we waited a long time for what's the next thing and i believe we're seeing the next thing come into existence right here in maryland. >> the maryland department of transportation confirming to abc news that it's issuing musk tunneling firm the boring company a conditional utility permit to dig a 10.3-mile hyper loop tum that would run beneath a portion of the baltimore, washington parkway, first step in the
7:42 am
known as hyper loop. he says it can propel passengers traveling in these pneumatic tubes at around 800 miles an hour and go from washington to new york city with stops in baltimore and philly in just 29 minutes. maryland governor larry hogan already touring the tunnel site. >> i think it's coming to maryland and it's going to go from baltimore to washington. so get ready. >> reporter: musk is not only digging the tum on the east coast. he is also going underground in los angeles hoping to build a super future subster rainian highway to reduce traffic there. in september he announced plans for a rocket that could fly passengers around the world in half an hour. some unanswered question, one of which paula put to me about construction cost, when it will happen, funding and how much it will cost altogether. musk handing that he'll have more to say when he makes a formal announcement in about a month. experts say this superhighway
7:43 am
feasible but it will be as you can imagine super expensive. >> what about the rocket that takes you around -- any pricing on that one. >> not yet on that one. >> rockets aren't cheap. >> save your nickels and dimes. >> i want to call you rocket man. >> okay. >> free association here. coming up on "gma" -- >> free, it's free. >> keep her away from twitter. >> nobody knows the words rocket man. smart watches and are they smart for kids? a new warning for parents coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ so many americans struggle with finances. starting today, state farm is here to help. giving us all the chance to simply sit down and learn. visit
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♪ we're back with the weekend
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download. are smartwatches a smart idea for your children? a new study raising questions about privacy and becky worley joins us with more. hey, becky, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> there's this new report that says some of these have lax security and could impact your child's privacy. how so? >> right, the report looked at four different of these children's tracker watches. it was done by the norwegian consumer council and a european security firm. they found hackers could access a child's location, see their personal info and in some cases they could listening in on the kid through the watch's microphone. >> so i imagine this is only going to build on the backlash on devices that use mike answer collect personal data in that's gotten parents' attention but i think it's important to say it's not that security experts think hackers are lined up to target kids but these watches promise security and safety so when it comes to kids they need to b
7:48 am
add to it the survey found some of them collect data and one sold it to marketers. >> i have a little kid. many of the folks on the set here have little kids. what are the main factors we should take into consideration here? >> listen, in some cases this may make perfect sense for your family situation but on the whole i'm not a fan. for one they tell your kids, you will be tracked at all times. big mother is training them for big brother. secondly, kids and parents need separation. it's a natural part of growing up and kids need to understand gradual expansion of freedom. we don't need dij kwal umbilical cords. i fessed niece at my work. they have phone capabilities and they called me 27 times in one hour. that might pass, but, yeah, no. >> we appreciate you checking these out. thank you very much, have a great saturday
7:49 am
with adrienne -- paula says good-bye -- "pop news" is coming up next on "gma." think of the happiest things. it's the same as having wings. to the stars beyond the blue. there's a never land waiting for you. when you leave the world behind, you can fly. you can fly. you can fly.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by abreva. heal your cold sore fast. well, she's already -- >> invoking. >> mc hammer twice so i don't know where it will go. "pop news," adrienne bankert. >> i have something better for you. >> oh, my gosh. >> let's start here. two kings of comedy coming together for one big night. jon stewart interrupting jimmy kimmel during his monologue during "jimmy kimmel live." >> pop and lock. we rock it. >> pop and lox. >> mc hammer appropriate after that little monologue. >> taking it back old school. stewart talking about the night of too many star, a fund-raiser
7:54 am
that benefits awe tim. are you having trouble thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones as the holiday weekend season approaches. not to worry, neiman-marcus has expensive solutions. yours and mines rolls-royces. the convertibles, one in blue, one in red custom finishes only 885,000 for two. >> someone will do it too. >> oh, you bet ever believe it. if you feel like dishing out more how about throwing a new year's eve party at the knicker bocker in new york city for 300 people. $1.6 million. half goes to -- 80,000 of it apologize, 80,000 goes to charity. >> the rest goes to the knicker bocker hotel. feeling more low key -- >> nice. >> you want to try this trip for four to the champagne region of france for $150,000.
7:55 am
>> i wonder if he sell at the at the rolls store. >> the smithsonian, visitors will have a chance to see this gown on display by herve pierre. they hope it serves a legacy in washington. politics aside, stunning. kfc, my favorite part for decades talking about making its chicken with 11 -- 11 herbs and spices, one twitter user noticed something on the handle. kfc follows 11 people, five spice girls and six guys named herb. 11 herbs and spices. time to process this. >> what are the 11 herbs and spices. >> all the spice girls and then some famous herbs including herb alpert, the trumpet player, head coach of santa clara university, basketball coach and l.a. city
7:56 am
council president herb saying in the last 24 hours the dodgers qualified for the world series and i'm a part of kfc's original recipe, friday feeling. >> you know what we need right now in a bucket of chicken. >> a big bucket of chicken. >> we love you but that was a big -- herb alpert, by the way, is great. absolutely. we got to go. we'll see you tomorrow. [indiscernible] this is a good morning washington update. here is a look at where we are starting out there some of us are in the 40's. the light sweater jacket is a good idea.
7:57 am
need it. homecoming, byty the start of the game, temperatures will be in the 70's. it will be a perfect afternoon to head outdoors or take the dog for a long walk. and the overnight hours, temperatures stay in the 60's. around 1:00 a.m., 56 degrees. we also have that meteor shower tonight. the best view will be you west of the metro. by 10:00, we will be in the 60's. by the time the races finish up, we will be in the 70's. if you are going to support participants, make sure they stay hydrated. speaking of water, we need it in the d.c. metro. culpeper to
7:58 am
county, we have our chance for wet weather in the early half of the ache. -- of the week. into tuesday is where we are tracking heavy rainfall and gusty wind. the flood threat is looking low. a look at the extended forecast shows no worries this weekend. monday looking nice with above average temperatures. after tuesday, temperatures fall to the low 60's. it will be a big shock to the system.
7:59 am
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